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ADV Nano Glutamine


A scientific study on glutamine has found a 2 gram dose increased growth hormone levels by 430%. Growth hormone is an important anabolic hormone, involved in protein synthesis, uptake of amino acids and utilisation of fat for energy. Adding NANO Glutamine to your post workout recovery could well be the most effective way to boost your muscle growth and recovery to the next level.


132 / 400 grams

More Information

Glutamine has now been recognized by doctors and professionals for providing significant contributions in preventing muscle breakdown, maintaining Glutathione (GSH) levels, improving protein synthesis, elevating growth hormone levels, plus many other health beneficial functions. Glutamine supplements have been a critical staple in athlete diets due to the fact that glutamine levels fall after intense training and do not rise to full strength until complete recovery has occurred. It has been a critical supplement for AIDS and cancer patients because it helps prevent muscle wasting.

ASN's NANO Glutamine supplement with enhanced absorption for uptake directly into your body. erefore, because of the enhanced absorption of the NANO-Glutamine, only 3 grams per serving (approx 1 heaped teaspoon) is needed, providing far superior utilisation, results and cost effectiveness.