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Bring the Chaos Pre-Workout


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Chaos Crew's Bring The Chaos Pre Workout has taken the Australian pre workout market by storm and for good reason! Bring The Chaos Pre workout ticks all the boxes with clinical dosed ingredients and has EXTREMELY POTENT high stimulants that experienced users love. 

Bring The Chaos pre workout brings you clinical dosed ingredients such as L-Citrulline at 4000mg which gives you an insane pump, it contains 3200mg of Beta Alanine for the lactic acid buffering benefits and the "tingles". Both of these two ingredients alone add up to more total mg than a lot of the competing pre workouts on the market! Bring The Chaos pre workout is a massive 15.1gm serving size leaving no stone unturned or any ingredient with measly dosages. 

If you are chasing a pre workout that gives you skin splitting pumps, Beta Alanine tingles and EXTREMELY POTENT, crazy high stimulant blend that actually tastes good, try Bring The Chaos pre workout today! 

Mix 1 scoop (15.1gm) with your desired amount of water approximately 20 minutes prior to training.