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D-Fine 8


D-Fine8 is back, and it's better than ever before! Musclewerks™ improved formula allows you to enjoy all of the benefits you loved most about the original formula, but with a huge range of brand new features!


  • Supports your weight goals
  • Contains zero sugar, zero carbs, and zero calories
  • Contains Paradoxine, Synephrine, Vitamin B6, and amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeinated beverage
  • 8 delicious flavors to choose from


With cutting-edge ingredients, D-Fine8 is an advanced potent formula to help you reach those weight goals quicker. Where quality and effectiveness are concerned, Musclewerks D-Fine8 doesn't compromise on either. This game-changer will cover all bases to help you reach your goals when incorporated with the right diet and training regime. Musclewerks D-Fine8 contains Paradoxine, Synephrine, Vitamin B6, amino acid N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and more to deliver the ultimate formula. We suggest doing some research to see the full benefits of these incredible ingredients!


With a new sophisticated formula and the same old flavor range that has been widely adored for many years, Musclewerks stand proudly behind not only the quality of the new and improved formula but also the flavor.