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FIT Whey Protein


On the market for an efficient whey protein that can help you take things to the next level? FIT Whey Protein can deliver.


  • 23g protein per serve
  • New Zealand grass-fed whey
  • Australian-made + owned
  • Supports muscle growth + recovery
  • Low carbs & low fat


FIT Whey Protein offers 23g of premium New Zealand grass-fed whey supported by an amino acid profile that contains both essential and non-essential amino acids to help you reach new heights. Whether you’re looking to boost your protein intake or accelerate your recovery after hitting the gym, this formula can help you thrive. 

This formula is low fat and low carb and is made right here in Australia. FIT Whey Protein supports lean muscle growth and strength, aiding you as you tackle your physique goals and raise your training capacity beyond your previous bests.


Don’t waste time looking at the wrong whey; find the solution with FIT Whey Protein.