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Hair Tonic 120 Cap

120 Cap

Focussed on your health and fitness goals but neglected the condition and wellness of your hair? Give your scalp and locks the love they deserve with Hair Tonic from Fusion Health!


  • Vegan-friendly
  • May support hair and scalp health
  • Contains traditional Chinese herbs
  • New and improved formula


Did you know up to 70% of men and up to 50% of women are impacted by hair loss at some stage of their lives? Many continue to live with these hair changes without realizing there are natural, herbal-based treatments available like Hair Tonic from Fusion Health.

Formulated with Dong Quai, which is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve hair health by acting as a blood tonic, the benefits of Fusion Health’s Hair Tonic go a lot deeper than your average over-the-counter hair vitamin. See for yourself!

In one serving of Hair Tonic, you’ll enjoy the benefits of these botanical ingredients: Biota, White Peony, Chinese Liquorice, Rehmannia Root, and more. We highly recommend doing your own independent research into these impressive ingredients to learn the full impact of their benefits. We know you’ll be just as surprised as we were!