International Protein Iso-Cuts
International Protein

International Protein Iso-Cuts

Iso-Cuts Thermogenic fat-loss protein is the ultimate supplement for lean muscle gains. It combines ultra low-carb WPI protein with Teavigo Green Tea, Carnitine and Chromium to boost fat metabolism.

If you're tired of not getting the results you want at the gym, want to burn some extra fat, or even get super shredded for a comp, Iso-Cuts is the answer!

Maximise your results with a BONUS 10-serve War Hammer + 10-Serve Carni-Strip when you purchase a 3KG tub of Iso-Cuts

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Product Details

How does iso-cuts help you

We asked Christine Envall, 3-time WORLD CHAMPION, professional bodybuilder, and co-creator of iconic Aussie brand International Protein to explain why Iso-Cuts is a stand-out choice for anyone wanting to build lean muscle rather than just bulk up.

In a crowded field of protein and fat burning supplements, Iso-Cuts by International Protein really stands head & shoulders above the competition.  

If you're frustrated with poor results from your training at the gym, finding it hard to gain or maintain lead muscle, or just need to kick start a shred, you simply can't ignore the results people get when using Iso-Cuts.

Packed with EGC - Making it a fat burning machine!

One thing that make Iso-Cuts a head & shoulders above other fat-burning proteins is that in includes Trevigo Green Tea.   

This particular tea is particularly rich in the catogen EGC, clinically proven to be wonderful anti-oxidant, enhance metabolism, and elevate fat burning.

Boosted with Natural caffeine

Also infused with 100% natural Green Coffee Extract - which works in tandem with the Green Tea by liberating fat from body tissues, making it available for your metabolism to get to work!

PLUS - the caffeine also gives you that little energy boost so you can train harder & burn more calories!

one of the most pure sources of protein available in Australia

WPI is the absolute highest in protein, lowest in fat, sugar and carbohydrate of all the protein sources available.

That makes it unmistakably the best choice when looking for lean gains!

Packed with extra goodies for lean gains!

Iso-Cuts WPI is infused with L Carnitine, an absolute MUST have if you want to burn fat. Carnitine takes the fat liberated by the caffeine, and helps secure it in your cells, where the EGC can get to work!

PLUS - contains Chromium to help with carb metabolism and reduce those crazy sugar cravings!



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Take a look inside Iso-Cuts

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is a crucial supplement for lean muscle growth and is very low in carb content meaning good quality muscle development.

Active fat burners in just three serves delivers Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), caffeine and hydroxycitric acid (HCA) thermogenesis leads to increased fat burning and reduces the body's fat storing activities.

"Teavigo" Green Teaprovides the best of this agent in a very pure form. Couples with caffeine and carnitine it not only melts fat but fights free radicals also.

  • Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) drops the storage rate of carbs, suppresses appetite and combats fatigue.
  • Caffeinecan help improve energy levels for an optimised human performance in your workouts.
  • L-carnitineplays a critical role in energy production and is crucial for fat burning mechanisms.
  • Choline & Inositol are lipotropic agents assisting the transport and metabolism of fats.
  • Chromium is an essential component crucial for proper carb metabolism.

This product also contains up to 12 essential vitamins plus iron and zinc for general health support.

Whether it’s competitive bodybuilders, Olympic sprinters, triathletes, strongman competitors, professional fighters or extreme sports daredevils the fact remains that some of the elite of the elite in human performance are utilising theInternational Protein range of products.

The company owners have competed and become champions in their chosen fields so you know that the development of their product is overlooked by knowledge and experience. Nutrition and performance is what they know and it's what they do.

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