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The Lean Summer Bundle


When it feels like Summer is always ‘just around the corner’, maximise your workouts and turn that Winter coat into the body of your dreams with The Lean Summer Bundle by STN Nutrition. Think increased fat utilisation during exercise mixed with maintenance of lean muscle mass, all the while caring for and improving your gut health.

The Lean Summer Bundle

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LEAN: Amino Charged WPI (907g)

Utilising 35g of Whey Protein Isolate and Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, International Protein WPI is delivered to the muscles fast to ensure minimal breakdown and maximum nutrients absorbed during the post training anabolic window. Enhanced with L-Glutamine and L-Arginine and rich in BCAA’s, this WPI is a supercharged source of rapid absorbing protein for those serious about assisting lean muscle gain.

RELIEVE: Gut Shot Bloat Relief (180g)

Gut Shot is an effervescent herbal drink developed out of a need to find a natural way to stop the discomfort often experienced after eating, particularly by athletes and bodybuilders. Using familiar ingredients like lemon juice, mint, ginger, soda and apple cider vinegar, Gut Shot helps soothe and release trapped air from the stomach.

SHRED: Ripped to Shredz (270g)

This product has been researched and formulated to contain ingredients that assist in thermogenesis, high potency energy and focus boosting elements to provide the smoothest body burning experience possible. Scientist created, athlete trusted with the perfect blend of effective ingredients for noticeable results that leave you feeling lean and energised. 

ENERGISE: Carni-Shot (275g)

Combining 4 highly effective types of Carnitine into 1 scoop ensures Carni-Strip optimises fatty acid use in all target tissues to their most optimal capacity. For maximum muscle recovery and preferential substrate use, use 1 serving 2-3x daily or around exercise when training.