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Low Carb Mousse Bar


Curb your cravings and fulfill yourself with Body Science’s Low Carb Mousse Bar.


  • High protein
  • Contains collagen
  • Low carb bar
  • Low sugar


Body Science’s Low Carb Mousse Bar is a high-protein snack that can eradicate your sweet tooth and support your training and dietary goals. Effective before or after exercise, this delicious snack can be taken daily to boost your protein intake. 

Containing 31% protein, the Low Car Mousse Bar is naturally sweetened with stevia and offers 1.5g fiber and only 5.3g carbs. This bar delivers layers of a chewy chocolate base that contains protein in every layer. It also includes 3g of collagen to support your joint and tendon health.


So, put down the Cadbury and pick up a snack that supports your training goals, thanks to Body Science’s Low Carb Mousse Bar.