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Maxs Super Size Ultra

Vanilla Ice Cream

When you want to get really big, really fast – MAX’S SuperSize ULTRA is the product for you! You will pack thousands more calories of muscle-building nutrients into your daily eating plan to ensure you make the gains you want. Choose your serving size to match your goals, from moderate increases in size and strength to rapid massive gains, it’s up to you.

Maxs SuperSize Ultra will push your metabolism anabolic. It is ideal for all trainers who find it difficult to gain weight, size, and strength. If you are a young thin trainer who finds it hard to build up, or you’re just naturally skinny and want to add some kilos to your frame.

The Ultimate Weight, Size & Mass Builder

  • High-Quality Protein & Carbohydrate
  • Improve Anabolic Metabolism & Muscular Weight
  • Monster Mass Building Carb System
  • Creatine & Aminos for Faster Recovery & Growth

A full serve of SuperSize Ultra will add over 1200 mass-building calories, 52 grams of muscle-building protein, and 245 grams of energy-rich carbs to help the hardest training athletes recover fully and the thinnest trainers get BIG, FAST! Simply add one or two serves of this awesome protein to your daily nutrition plan and get ready to grow BIG TIME!!