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Merica Labz F Bomb


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Can’t find a pre-workout that can handle the way you train? ‘Merica Labz F Bomb would like to challenge you. 


  • High stimulant pre-workout
  • Promotes intense energy and razor focus
  • Helps to maximize athletic performance


You only need to look at the artwork on the packaging to know that ‘Merica Labz means business. ‘Merica Labz F Bomb is an extreme-stim pre-workout that contains 400mg of Caffeine and Anhydrous to annihilate your morning coffee. Beta-Alanine is delivered in a plentiful dose to help enhance your performance capacity while reducing fatigue.

Nitrosigine helps to boost Nitric Oxide, while L-Tyrosine works alongside Caffeine to boost your alertness, focus, and function. This powerful and confident pre-workout can keep up with the level you train and help you reach new levels and milestones. With a blueprint of AlphaGPC, FitNox, Dicaffeine Malate, CognatiQ, Theobromine, and more, F Bomb can help you light a new fuse when you train.


Stop accepting mediocrity and meet your match with a pre-workout that understands you. ‘Merica Labz F Bomb is ready to bring the heat.


Mix one (1) scoop with 10-16 ounces and consume approximately 15-30 minutes prior to your workout.