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Muscle Meal Cookie


A cookie for power, strength, and muscle growth. Sounds tasty, right? We promise it won't disappoint. With a generous blend of protein, fats, and carbs, Max's Muscle Meal Cookie is the ultimate high-protein snack to increase growth and muscle recovery after a big session.


  • Promote muscle growth
  • WPC and WPI
  • High-energy carbs
  • Contains BCAAs & Glutamine


Serious gains, in a mouth-watering cookie. Max's Muscle Meal Cookie is a convenient snack perfect for the road, in between meals, or as a boost for muscle growth after your workout. Sick of shakes? Have a cookie! This one is perfect for promoting growth due to high-energy carbs, essential fatty acids, and amino acids, including BCAAs and glutamine. The protein is a high-quality mix of both WPC and WPI so that you get both a quick hit and a sustained release to keep you fuelled. 


Tastes like a cheat meal and acts like a protein shake. Packed with 24g of high-quality WPI and WPC, this is a cookie you can trust! It is not only high in protein but contains glutamine, carbs, and BCAAs, perfect for that post-workout hit or as a snack between meals.