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60 Caps

Restore your NAD+ levels and combat the signs of ageing in your body with this NMN + Resveratrol formula.

It’s never too early to fortify your body against the effects of ageing. NeuroLab NMN + Resveratrol works synergistically to activate sirtuins, the most important anti-ageing and longevity genes in your body. It also works to enhance your NAD+ levels, which play an essential role in energy, metabolism and DNA repair. NMN works to combat NAD+ levels, which naturally decline as you age and is ideal if you value your health and want to set your body up for the best results as you begin to age.


  • Supports DNA repair
  • Promotes natural synthesis of NAD+
  • Offers antioxidant effects
  • Supports increased energy metabolism 
  • Promotes healthy ageing 
  • Recognized by the scientific community, including Harvard University's David Sinclair

NMN is the most advanced NAD+ precursor on the market and is recognized among the scientific community and studied by institutions like Harvard University, Washington University and Keio University. Adding resveratrol can improve the performance of NMN in NAD+ synthesis by up to 500% and acts as an accelerator in DNA repair. If you’re looking to get a head start, turn to NeuroLab’s NMN + Resveratrol.

How To Use

Take 1 serving (2 capsules) with water. Do not exceed one serving per day.