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No Way Collagen Mousse


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ATP Science - Noway Collagen Mousse

Want the deliciousness of a traditional mousse, with less post-treat guilt? Look no further than ATP Science’s delicious, light, and airy Noway Collagen Protein Mousse! 


  • High in collagen protein
  • Dairy-free
  • Low-fat and low-sugar
  • Contains nothing artificial 


Boasting the much-loved light, fluffy and airy texture and the mouth-watering flavour of a traditional mousse, ATP Science’s Noway Collagen Protein Mousse delivers everything you love most about this delicious dessert, without the heavy sugar content or artificial extras. 

ATP Science has used their trademarked collagen protein, BODYBALANCE®, which is designed by German scientists and made in Brazil. With no lactose or casein-based ingredients, this delicious formula is high in protein, very low in sugar and gentle on your guts. Plus, did we mention it’s as simple as mixing the formula with your choice of milk, shaking or blending, and letting it set in the fridge? Enjoy a delicious and guilt-free treat in no time! 


Get your sweet tooth on in the most delicious and guilt-free way possible with ATP Science’s Noway Collagen Protein Mousse. 

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Chocolate Flavour