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Nutralife Triple Strength Omega 3

150 Caps
Orange Flavored

One easy-to-take OceanClean™ Triple Strength Omega 3 capsule contains 3 times the EPA & DHA content found in a standard 1000mg fish oil capsule.

Nutralife Triple Strength Omega 3 is a highly concentrated fish oil capsule, containing EPA and DHA levels usually found in 3 1000mg fish oil capsules.

Nutralife Triple Strength Omega 3 has been coated in a pleasant orange-flavored capsule, making swallowing the capsules a breeze, without any fishy aftertaste or reflux. Sourced only from mackerel, sardines, and anchovies, NutraLife Triple Strength Fish Oil is tested beyond industry standards for mercury purity, quality, and consistency. Perfect for joint, heart, eye, and brain health, as well as pain relief from arthritis and symptomatic relief of eczema.


For joint health - take 3-4 capsules daily For dry skin & eczema - take 4 capsules daily For heart health and cholesterol maintenance - take 1-2 capsules daily For healthy brain and eye function, and general well-being -take 1-2 capsules daily To be taken daily with food and glass of cold water. Or take as directed by your health care practitioner.