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Power Plant Bar


Boost your protein intake, revitalize your gut and curb your sweet tooth with PranaON’s Power Plant Bar.


  • High in protein
  • Great source of fiber
  • Support muscle recovery 
  • Promotes healthy gut


Is there anything this bar can’t do? The Power Plant Bar contains 10g of Australian-grown Faba Bean protein to support your recovery and muscle synthesis and 15g+ fiber per serving to support your digestive health. L-gGlutamine and probiotics have added extra support to your gut health and immunity.

This plant-based snack can lower your appetite between meals, optimize your gut health and support your training goals. It can be taken after a workout to support recovery or during the day to boost your intake of key nutrients to support your immune health.


If you want to boost your protein intake while supporting your gut health and recovery, PranaON have you covered with the Power Plant Bar.