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SN Carbs


If you’re looking to increase your carbohydrate intake while supporting your performance, energy, and recovery, Switch Nutrition Carbs has you sorted.


  • Support increased energy
  • Assists glycogen replenishment  
  • Can assist muscle building
  • Supports recovery 


Want to gain muscle and strength? Adding additional carbohydrates to your diet can boost your results, particularly during training. The increase in high GI carbs like glucose and maltodextrin can improve absorption and provoke an increase in insulin that can create an anabolic muscle-building state while increasing glycogen recovery.

Switch Nutrition Carbs provides 100% pure carbohydrates that are unflavoured and stackable with electrolytes, amino acids, protein, and more to support your intake of key nutrients. This formula is rapid-absorbing, easy to digest, and can provide support in muscle building and recovery.


Switch Nutrition Carbs can help you increase your intake of carbs, support an increase in insulin, boost your energy levels and enhance your recovery.