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VEGGIE HERO Superfoods for Kids


Veggie Hero makes it easy to sneak veggies into anything, undetected! It’s a heroic blend of 15 veggies, fruits, and super greens designed for even the pickiest taste buds! 


  • Support immunity
  • Supports growth 
  • Support energy
  • Antioxidant protection
  • No artificial nasties
  • Perfect for 12 months + 


No more nagging for your kids to eat their greens. Little did they know, they’ve just consumed 18 bioavailable vitamins and minerals from pure, organic whole foods. Veggie Hero does not contain artificial nasties or refined sugars, but it is full of vitamins A, C, D, E, B, zinc, folate, and iodine. Everything you need to support growth, energy, and immunity for tiny humans! 


Veggie Hero will save the day from fussy eating moments since it's easily hidden in any cooking, yet jam-packed with vitamins and minerals from organic whole foods. With a blend of over 15 veggies, fruits, and super greens, it's a healthy and nutritious addition for the little ones.