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War Hammer + Beta Alanine Bundle

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The perfect bundle for those who love the tingles from Beta Alanine when working out!

Get the most out of every minute of workout. War Hammer is packed with 100% natural ingredients to deliver the mental & physical stimulation needed for peak performance. 

Hard hitting performance when it counts!

Energy, Focus & Mood

Taurine – taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that occurs naturally in the human brain.  Taurine helps improve mental performance and focus to let you zone in on even the most high intensity workout!

Caffeine – is the most widely used natural stimulant to help improve mental and physical performance!   It can increase physical strength and endurance and can delay the onset of exhaustion. Caffeine reduces feelings of exertion, making that heavy duty workout feel like a warm up!  

Bitter Orange – a natural stimulant to keep energy high through high intensity workouts.  Works in combination with caffeine for the ultimate workout boost.

Walnut Extract – a natural plant extract that helps improve cognitive performance, including improved reaction time and mental function.

Green Tea containing Theanine – the amino acid theanine helps with mental performance, focus and attention.  When taken with caffeine it allows you to switch attention between tasks… go from lifting to spotting your training partner or when mental agility is needed in sport or gaming.

Inositol –  Inositol affects the processes that make neurotransmitters, the molecules responsible for relaying information within your brain helping you to think quicker and improve mood

Vitamin B3 – as well as helping the body to produce energy, it has a role producing certain hormones for the adrenal glands

Beta Alanine

International Protein Beta Alanine Boosts Strength Enhances Endurance Increases Carnosine Reduces Lactic Acid In order to build muscle, you’ve got to be pushing weight. But when fatigue sets in, your pushing power evaporates, your set finishes early, and your gains stop coming.

The nutritional weapon your body needs to push through the fatigue barrier and smash out those last muscle quivering reps is Beta Alanine. Beta Alanine contributes to the build-up of Carnosine in the body. Carnosine helps to prevent the pH level drop, which is the primary cause of muscle fatigue and workout failure. Beta Alanine is the rate-limiting amino acid for Carnosine synthesis. Ensuring that you’ve got optimum levels of Beta Alanine coursing through your system as you walk into the gym will allow you to reduce lactic acid build-up in your working muscles so you can push harder for longer.

International Protein’s Beta Alanine features CarnoSyn , the most effective, highest quality Beta alanine available anywhere. CarnoSyn is backed by years of scientific research and is the only patented form of Beta Alanine that exists. International Protein Beta Alanine has just one ingredient . . . 100% Carnosyn Beta Alanine.

CarnoSyn is the only clinically proven, patent-protected Beta Alanine to deliver fast, effective and safe results. Who Should Take Beta Alanine Anyone who is looking for that extra performance boost that will allow them to perform with more endurance and intensity, whether on the gym floor, the running track or the sports field, will gain that edge with Beta Alanine supplementation. Athletes and recreational gym-goers who lift weights will especially benefit from this supplement. How to Take Beta Alanine Mix 1.2 g (one scoop) of International Protein Beta Alanine in 200 ml water or add to your pre-workout. Take it 30 minutes before your workout for the best effect. Use Beta alanine daily for 15 days straight to allow it to build up in your body.