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6 Reasons Why Crossfit SUCKS!

6 Reasons Why Crossfit SUCKS!


Thinking of trying Crossfit in 2017? Be sure you know all the facts before joining the biggest cult in fitness.


1. You'll make too many new friends...
It's called the biggest cult in fitness for a reason! Your social media will be flooded with friend requests from all these delightful new fit people. Ew!

2. It's really hard...
Everyday is a different and challenging, no such thing as 'arms day' or 'legs day' .... just high intensity, fat melting workouts. Argh!

3. You can't bludge...
Playing on your phone in-between sets and taking gym selfies in the mirror will be a thing of the past... you will actually work to your full potential for the whole session. Blah!

4. They're highly contagious...
Being constantly surrounded by fit, motivated, positive people does something weird to you; before you know it you'll ENJOY exercising and start making healthier choices with little effort. Gross!

5. You'll have to buy all new clothes...
Your body fat will decrease and nothing will fit anymore.... So inconvenient!

6. You'll survive the Zombie Apocalypse...
Running, jumping and climbing will come so easily that nothing will ever catch you. No thank you, I don't want to live in a world without fresh doughnuts.

In conclusion; obviously we are having a little joke. We support anyone who is getting off the couch and having a go, no matter how you choose to do it. x


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