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Thanks to the rapid advances of technology, modern society has seen immense improvements in all areas of its functioning – but at a cost. These technological advancements, many of which very recent, have left us vulnerable to many toxins that can have some very negative effects on our daily lives. So, in order to lead a healthy and fulfilled life, we have to think about how to face these consequences, adapt, detoxify our bodies, and ultimately – overcome them altogether.

In fact, the air we currently breathe is filled with more than hundreds of thousands of industrial chemicals that do us harm on a daily basis. To be precise, studies have shown that every individual is a host of almost 700 toxins that circulate in their body. These hazardous compounds can be located in all major parts of the body, including the skin, adipose tissue, all vital organs, blood, and even in the brain!

And that’s just in the air! We are also exposed to various toxins within all other aspects of life as well -- our food, water, indoor and external surroundings. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping it completely.
The majority of these toxins have an enormous impact on our hormones, our mood, energy and motivational levels, and our ability to properly process given information. It may sound bleak at first, but thankfully – there are ways to battle this modern pollution, one of which is by utilising quality detox supplements into your diet.

But first, let’s take a look on how these toxins impact our day-to-day lives, what symptoms do they bring to the equation, and what to do to stop them dead in their tracks.


Generally speaking, there are two main types of toxins:


Exotoxins are hazardous chemical compounds that are located outside of our bodies and can make their way in through our skin, the air we breathe, and more. These kinds of toxins come from the air around us, the hygiene products that we use, some food and beverages that we eat and drink, car exhaust pipes during our daily commutes, and more sources – to name a few. In fact, the magnetic radiation from cell towers can also be considered as an exotoxin.


Endotoxins are hazardous chemical compounds that are produced and located inside of our bodies that can potentially make us ill. These kinds of toxins include some substances produced by the bacteria located in the gut, excess molecules made by partial liver conjugation, and ammonia which can be a byproduct of improper kidney filtration.

When a healthy individual gets exposed to both types of toxins, this is considered a hermetic stressor that has the possibility to improve our resistance to stress. If, however, we end up being on the receiving end of too many toxins – then our bodies get overwhelmed and lose the ability to adapt.


Toxins are known to protrude every area of the body. A given detoxification process should therefore cover all of these areas in order to be proven effective. Mainly speaking, there are five vital areas that all detox supplements should cover, and they are listed as follows:


The body contains trillions of cells, and within each and every single cell are put antioxidant systems that keep the intracellular organelles away from harm’s way. If for some reason, the cells are unable to detoxify in a proper manner, they start piling on toxins and oxidative stress that can even damage the mitochondria, and consequently – the DNA. This hazardous process is called DNA mutation and is the leading cause of chronic diseases such as cancer and a multitude of autoimmune disorders.


Over time, some impurities, toxins, and other hazardous substances make their way into the bloodstream and get transported throughout the whole body. These harmful particles can damage the muscle tissue, some vital organs such as the brain, and the red blood cells – just to name a few. Once the damage to the blood is done, this can lead to various chronic conditions of neurological and cardiovascular nature.


The liver is the main organ that deals with accumulated toxins in the body. It does so by chemically transforming toxin debris into a form that is suitable for an easy removing by the body. But, as the toxins quietly pile up, the liver becomes unable to properly use its detoxifying function – which leads to some toxins making their way back into the bloodstream.


What happens in the gut – hopefully does not stay in the gut, or else the toxins will quickly overwhelm our bodies. The bowel naturally moves one to two times a day with slight variations among different individuals, and is crucial to maintaining out constitutions in perfect health.

In fact, if we gladly indulge in our food choices at 10 PM on Tuesday, then all waste and byproducts of that food should be naturally eliminated by 10 PM on Wednesday latest. If the former does not happen, the bowel material in the intestines can become a ‘nest’ of all sorts of toxic substances such as bacteria, parasites, and even some forms of yeast. This can further lead to fermentation and a large chunk of endotoxins getting released into the bloodstream without prior warnings to the liver. As this process takes place, the liver gets overwhelmed and the body’s ability to get rid of toxins – yet again becomes compromised.


When it comes to detoxifying the body, the kidneys are second-in-command just after the liver. These organs cleanse the body through the urine and also get rid of urea – a substance that carries the ‘signature’ on whether or not the kidneys are properly doing their job. If the kidneys stop functioning properly, there is an increased chance of standing on the receiving end of problems with blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.


There are many factors that contribute to a proper detoxification, including fasting, regular exercise, hydration, a proper diet, meditation, and more. When used in conjunction with high-quality detox supplements, these lifestyle choices will enhance their effects – leading to a healthier and happier you. Here are some of the most powerful ingredients that most quality detox supplements with include in their blends.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant substance that is also predicative of how long an individual will live. This compound is a powerful antioxidant due to its ability to control other antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

In fact, Glutathione acts as the cell’s main ‘bouncer’, since it regulates and prevents the genetic material from the harm caused by free radicals. Each day, the cell gets bombarded by as much as 10,000 free radicals within the body’s reigns. Before damage occurs, Glutathione steps up and disarms these free radicals to make sure that we live through yet another day. Glutathione is further broken down to:


And there you have it. Using detox supplements side-by-side with your preferred detoxification diet will make your life much easier.