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Weight loss diets are numerous, there's hundreds and hundreds of them around and it seems like every year a new one or more become highly popular.  Of course, weight loss diets are popular, because at some point in virtually all of lives, we have felt the need that we need to lose weight.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but when I did a Google search, here are a few of the diet names that popped up;  Zone, Mediterranean, Pritikin, Scarsdale, Atkins, South Beach, Dukan, Keto (and it’s 4 sub-types), Intermittent fasting (and it’s sub-types), DASH and even Vegan and Paleo, whilst an eating style, pop up when I searched ‘weight loss diets’.

So many different types of diets and yet only really 3 main macros to manipulate; protein, fat and carbs, so all diets will fall into a broader nutrient profile category, such as low fat/high carb, low fat/high protein, low carb/high fat, low carb/high protein, moderate protein, fat and carb.  If they give specific amounts of foods to be eaten or macros to be counted, I call these Prescriptive Diets (Zone, Atkins, Keto), however, if the diet emphasizes the TYPE of food eaten, more so than the actual macro count, these are termed Lifestyle Diets.  Examples of these are the DASH diet and Mediterranean diet

 There are two key drivers for weight loss.

If you participate in a form of competitive bodybuilding, weight loss diets are a critical part of that process.  Here, as a competitor, you are trying to shed all excess body fat to show absolutely everything, all your muscles, all your definition, on stage.   This type of weight loss, where the weight loss isn’t necessarily because you are overweight or unhealthy, and often starting from a normal body weight or only slightly elevated body fat percentage, taking yourself down to an extreme level of low body fat, I call this Performance Weight Loss.

On the other hand, there is weight loss where a person is starting off from an overweight or an obese standpoint and trying to bring themselves back into a healthy weight range and most likely improve other health markers, such as heart disease or cancers risk, from that weight loss.  I call this Essential Weight Loss.

Whether you are undertaking Performance Weight Loss, which is the weight loss to either make a weight class for an event or to get in shape, cut up for a bodybuilding competition, you are taking your body to a point which is beyond a normal degree of lean, with extremely low levels of body fat, for that ultimate ripped look or undertaking Essential Weight Loss and trying to shed unhealthy bodyfat, and whatever diet style you choose, the support of a safe, natural fat loss supplement is essential to achieving optimal results.

International Protein’s Carni-Strip is a stim free fat loss supplement formulated using four key forms of Carnitine; acetyl, tartrate, fumarate and orotate.  All forms act as carnitine, taking fat into the muscle cells to burn for energy (provides energy & aids fat loss), improving endurance by sparing carbs because it allows fat to be used as the energy source, and also by preventing lactic acid build up.  Each form has a unique secondary benefit to primarily support muscle, brain, liver and heart function!

The additional ingredients in Carni-Strip such as Bioperine, B Vitamins, Phosphorus and Magnesium, support the energy production processes, glucose utilisation and support nerve function for correct muscle contractions, so its great to use before exercise, particularly cardio exercise. 

 Carni Strip Stim Free Fat Loss Supplement

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