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Ten Foods That Have Detoxifying Benefits

Ten Foods That Have Detoxifying Benefits


Among the overabundance of so-called ‘cleansing’ diets currently available online, only a few offer real advice on how to detox your body without starving yourself to death. After all, the days when humans had to cross long distances while munching on just raspberries are long gone. Now, food is available just around the corner at countless markets worldwide. The only thing left for you to do is to come up with a bucket list, go on a shopping spree and hope that you’ll nail that diet right off the bat.

But what diet are we precisely talking about here?

Well, how about a diet that will have enough nutritional value, be healthy and tasty all at the same time? Is it possible? Of course it is! Take a look at what our editors came up with while searching for the best foods to naturally detox your body.


Broccoli is that veggie that somehow always ends up on top ten healthy lists. Why? Because it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us that it is, mhm, healthy. Broccoli contains both substantial macronutrients (carbs, protein) and vitamins, so no wonder it’s the go-to mini-tree to detox your body.

And how does it do it?

Broccoli contains ingredients that work alongside your liver enzymes to transform toxins into an easily disposable material. Then, the processes in your body ‘push out’ the unnecessary waste for good. In simple words: broccoli makes everyone’s life a tad bit easier.

If you haven’t found a way to make broccoli taste great yet, try to steam-cook it, or even munch it raw. Whatever you do, don’t microwave broccoli since it tends to lose its detox properties.


Asparagus holds numerous benefits for the human body, like getting rid of toxins, battling against the cons of aging, aiding the cardiovascular system and more. But most importantly, asparagus helps the liver to filter any toxic waste quickly and more efficiently.

Plus, asparagus fights the biggest battle of them all – cancer. It reduces the risk of breast cancer and increases the chances to survive.



Beets usually find their way into a Greek Salad and other heterogeneous mixes that include a vast array of vegetables. But, on its own, beets are worthy of including into a detox diet because they do just that: cleanse the body.

Beets are important because they ‘flush’ the toxins out and more importantly – make sure that they don’t come back. Other foods may skip the latter and this is when the toxins get reintroduced back into the organism. With beets, once they go out – they never come back.

Plus, beets help in keeping free radicals in check, thus helping even further in keeping your body at a permanent homeostasis.


Dandelion Root

Now here’s an unconventional one: dandelion roots can help in cleansing just as well. While not ‘food’ unto itself – you can opt for dandelion spices to spark up your meals a notch.

Most plant aficionados refer to dandelions as a weed, but that should not stop you from trying something new in your diet. The plant has several healing factors, one of which is aiding the liver to do its cleansing work. And why wait for the last moment? Include dandelion roots in your diet now and your body will thank you later.



Yes, those tiny little spheres that everyone loves. So why all the hassle? Blueberries have a natural form of aspirin that prevents inflammation and lessens pain. As argued by a published study – 300 grams of blueberries helped in decreasing DNA damage in cells by 18%.

And if this wasn’t enough, blueberries also aid in stopping bacteria in the urinary tract. They feature antibiotic, as well as antiviral properties. Blueberries aid to the detox process thanks to a form of phytonutrients dubbed as ‘proanthocyanidins’ which they contain.


Ginger Root

This root is associated with many medicinal benefits and is known to have astringent properties (aiding in a sore throat, acne.) It also helps in liver functions and speeds up the detox processes that occur naturally in the body.

There are countless ways to prepare ginger. One of them requires you to munch on ginger roots solo. Other diets recommend ‘spicing’ up your water with ginger to taste better. Whichever way you prefer, you cannot do wrong with this one.



Fennel is rich in vitamin C which directly supports the immune system of the body. It also sports decent amounts of vitamin B – a crucial ingredient in transforming the homocysteine molecule into other molecules to prevent inflammation.

In addition to that, the fennel bulb also contains a decent amount of folate and fiber, which help the digestive process in the body to do its job.



Granted, the avocado contains some fat but is nevertheless great for detox if you know how to go about it. It also possesses antioxidant factors and a high amount of fiber to aid in digestion. The highlight here is to opt for an organic one and avoid cheap guacamole sauces from fast-food chains. This way you’re making sure that you’re getting all the benefits from the juiciness that is the avocado.



Garlic is crucial for any diet. It heightens the immune properties of the body and helps with the liver. It is high in sulfur, meaning it’s good for detox and repelling bacteria. Recently, garlic was shown to have better antibiotic properties than most over-the-counter antibiotics, which is pretty neat.


Olive Oil

When you’re hurrying to detox your body, substitute regular (sunflower) for olive oil. Upon using, however, make sure you’re not cooking it at a high temperature. An ideal situation would be to put some in your preferred salad or enrich the flavor of your main course by as little as few droplets of olive oil dressing.

The go-to olive oil would be ice-pressed, but if you’re having trouble finding one – go ahead and pick cold-pressed olive oil instead. Your body will be thankful.


Did you feel like we missed something? Share with us in the comments!

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