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Take your performance to the next level with this clinically-dosed and electrifying pre-workout from Alien Supps.

Uno reverse those lazy days at home and train with conviction, thanks to Alien Uno. This powerful formula is enhanced with Creatine HCL to support muscle strength, endurance and recovery, while Beta-Alanine supports endurance and fatigue reduction.


  • Promotes energy & focus
  • Supports performance & endurance
  • Enhances strength & muscle growth
  • Clinically-dosed formula

A potent dose of caffeine delivers that buzz of energy to optimize your focus and performance.

This formula contains a blueprint of ingredients, including Cocoabuterol®, to support energy, mood balance, endurance, and power output. Alpinia Galanga promotes alertness and focus, while NeuroFactor™ supports memory, learning, and cognitive function. Zynamite® is a natural nootropic that supports sports performance by increasing power and sustaining energy levels. Cell Charge™ promotes optimal cellular function.

How To Use

Mix 1 scoop of ALIEN Uno with 1000ml of COLD water and consume 30 minutes BEFORE training. *Always start on a low dosage to assess tolerance (MORE does not = faster results) *DO NOT consume more than 2 scoops per 24hr period.