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Need a little boost recommitting to your body goals? Looking for your next punch-packing pre-workout? Say hello to Dragon’s Breath Black! A clinically-dosed pre-workout from Red Dragon Nutritionals.


  • High stimulant pre-workout
  • No added Beta-Alanine (tingles)
  • Added ‘pump’ ingredients
  • Mental performance enhancement
  • May contribute to mental energy
  • May contribute to mental focus
  • May contribute to mental endurance
  • Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


If you’ve been on the hunt for your next performance-boosting pre-workout, then Dragon’s Breath Black is the one for you! Not for the faint-hearted, this hardcore high-stimulant pre-workout has been formulated to take your performance and results to the next level and beyond, thanks to its innovative list of powerhouse ingredients. In each serve, you can reap the rewards of 350 mg of caffeine, 200 mg of English Walnut Extract, 500 mg of Nitrosigine, L-Tyrosine, Bitter Orange, and B vitamins for the ultimate mental energy kick and pump!

It’s too easy to set your goals aside when you just don’t have the energy to put everything into achieving those results. However, with the support of a hard-hitting mental focus-boosting pre-workout like Dragon’s Breath Black, achieving those goals may be easier than you think! New to pre-workouts? Try a half scoop for your first use to assess your tolerance. As this pre-workout is high in caffeine, we highly recommend only using as directed 15-20 minutes before a workout!


Whether you’ve lost your mojo or are looking to level up your performance in more ways than one, Red Dragon Nutritionals has got your back with their powerful Dragon’s Breath Black pre-workout formula.