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Evolve Beauty Sleep

30 Serves
Hot Chocolate

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Looking for a creamy hot chocolate that does the hard work while you sleep? Look no further than Evolve's all-in-one nighttime collagen formula, Beauty Sleep! 


  • Contains Type I and III Bovine Collagen 
  • Contains Magnesium Aspartate 
  • Contains Zylaria™
  • Contains 5-HTP
  • Necessary for normal electrolyte balance 
  • Delicious hot chocolate formula 
  • Gluten-free, keto-friendly and non-GMO


Tired of being tired but can't switch off? Finally, a delicious-tasting product that does the hard work for you while you sleep. Say hello to Beauty Sleep by Evolve!

Whether you're wanting to improve the quality of your sleep, support your body's recovery, or give some extra TLC to your overall wellness, Evolve Beauty Sleep is a gluten-free, keto-friendly, and non-GMO formula designed to take the hassle and stress out of feeling and performing your best. Love hot chocolate before bed? So do our friends at Evolve! That's why they've uniquely flavored Beauty Sleep to suit everyone's nighttime palette. Enjoy your hot chocolate and reap the rewards of a delicious, nutrient-packed, beauty and sleep-supporting supplement.

With Evolve's all-in-one nighttime collagen and magnesium formula, you're just one scoop away from a restful night's sleep. This cutting-edge formula has been designed to support sleep, recovery, repair, and relaxation with the help of a powerful list of hard-hitting ingredients, including Type I and III Bovine Collagen, Magnesium Aspartate, Zylaria™, 5-HTP, and more. Psst...if you aren't sure what these incredible ingredients are capable of, we recommend doing a quick Google search. We promise it won't take you long to work out why everyone's talking about Beauty Sleep!


Enjoy a hot chocolate that does far more than just satisfy your taste buds with Evolve's game-changing new nighttime collagen and magnesium formula, Beauty Sleep. Reap the full benefits of Type I and III Bovine Collagen, Magnesium Aspartate, Zylaria™, 5-HTP, and more!