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Evolve Incredible Carbs


Evolve Incredible Carbs: Rapid Carb Delivery System

Incredible Carbs provides a concentrated source of high glycemic glucose polymers for rapid glycogen replenishment.

Incredible Carbs provides a concentrated source of easily digested carbohydrate to provide energy to fuel heavy exercise and replace glycogen burnt during training and long duration activities or to 'carb' load for fuller, harder looking muscles.

When taken together, fast acting proteins and carbohydrates have been shown to raise insulin levels more than protein or carbs alone, so combine Incredible Carbs with Evolve WPI for the ultimate insulin spike, or with Evolve 3-Whey for a more sustained release.

Evolve Incredible Carbs can also be taken before and during exercise to assist in the provision of energy in the form of carbohydrates.

Nutrition & Ingredients

Ingredients: Maltodextrin (long chain glucose polymers from corn).