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Evolve Pro-Treat


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Want to enjoy all the benefits of protein without having to sacrifice the sweeter things in life? Look no further than Evolve’s highly nutritious and undeniably delicious, smooth and creamy protein dessert, Pro-Treat.


  • Low calorie
  • High protein
  • Guilt-free dessert
  • Zero gluten and fillers
  • Zero banned substances
  • Sustained release protein


Boasting high-quality, slow-digesting protein powder, glutamine, precursors and BCAAs, Evolve Pro-Treat is loaded with all the goodness your body requires for optimal muscle recovery, uncompromising muscle growth, enhanced digestion, and boosted immune health to ensure you get the results you’ve worked hard for, even in your downtime.

When it comes to training hard, there are fewer things more important for muscle integrity and growth than a quality source of protein. With the help of Evolve Pro-Treat, you can now enjoy the ultimate protein-packed treat loaded with over 21g of protein and only 120 calories per serving!


Perfect as a late night treat to curb your sweet tooth and boost your daily protein intake in the most delicious way possible, Evolve’s innovative Pro-Treat makes it easy for you to get your sweet quick fix, without having to deviate from your diet. Simply add water and stir!

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