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Evolve Vegan Protein


Looking for maximum growth and recovery without having to sacrifice your dietary requirements? Look no further than Evolve’s 100% natural, plant-based, dairy, lactose, and gluten-free protein source. Introducing: Vegan Protein.


  • Plant-based protein source
  • Gluten-free and dairy-free
  • Contains nothing artificial
  • Supports muscle growth and recovery


Evolve Vegan Protein is a fantastic substitute for whey protein, for those seeking an alternative due to dietary requirements or personal preference. Containing a similar amino acid profile to whey protein, Evolve Vegan Protein is smooth in texture, easy to mix, fast-digesting, and uncompromising in taste. Containing absolutely nothing artificial and the most delicious natural flavors and sweeteners, Evolve Vegan Protein ticks all the boxes for those looking for a vegan-friendly, high-fiber, low-sugar, and convenient shake that mixes easily with water or dairy-free milk.

What can you expect from Evolve Vegan Protein? A delicious tasting, low-sugar, high-protein, plant-based protein formula that contains nothing but natural wholesome nutrition to help you get the most out of your recovery and results. The formula is fuelled by a naturally defatted peanut protein that’s high in fiber and full of amino acids, as well as pea and rice protein sources to deliver a complete protein hit that tastes just as good as it performs. Additionally, the formula is loaded with good fats sourced from coconut milk powder to deliver a super creamy texture and a generous dose of MCT fats, and completed with a tasty range of 100% natural flavors.


Reaching your goals while meeting your dietary requirements has never tasted so good, thanks to Evolve Vegan Protein’s 100% natural, plant-based, dairy, lactose, and gluten-free protein formula. With 24g of protein, 2.9g of carbs, 3.1g of fats, and only 1.2g of sugar per serve, what more could you possibly want from your protein supplementation?