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Introducing Faction Labs' Powerhouse Protein Powder, meticulously crafted to supercharge your muscle recovery and growth journey. Our formula is a powerhouse in itself, combining premium whey protein isolate and concentrate to deliver an impressive 25g of pure protein per serving. This dynamic duo of WPI and WPC ensures a perfectly balanced amino acid profile, providing your muscles with the ultimate nourishment they need.

But we didn't stop there. Faction Labs 100% Whey Protein goes the extra mile by including digestive enzymes, making digestion and absorption a breeze for your body. No more struggling to process your protein intake – we've got you covered.

And the best part? We offer an array of delectable flavors to suit your taste buds. Say goodbye to bland and hello to delicious, because Faction Labs 100% Whey Protein is here to power your gains and help you conquer your fitness goals. Elevate your workouts and reach new heights with every scoop.


  • Enhanced with digestive enzymes
  • High-quality whey protein blend
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Low in fat & carbs
  • Added digestive enzymes

How To Use

Mix 1 level scoop with 250ml of cold water. Consume around training for maximum nutritional benefits or anytime during the day as an additional source of protein. Take 1 to 2 servings per day depending on dietary requirements