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Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode

$29.95 $39.95

Looking for a cheat code to upgrade your focus, reactions, energy, and overall HP? Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode is designed to take your gaming (or training) to the next level.


  • Supports cognitive function and memory
  • Promotes enhanced mood
  • Can increase energy and improve focus
  • Supports exercise performance
  • May reduce fatigue and support recovery


Whether you’re trying to outmatch your friends online, are struggling to get past the next boss, have a bunch of deadlines coming up in class, or just need an extra kick to keep you focused at the gym, Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode is ready to help you perform. 

With an emphasis on mood (so that you can’t keep going after ten straight defeats) and a blueprint for focus, energy, memory, reactions, cognitive function, and more, this formula is basically a real-life powerup. Hey, you can even go old school and pull out the chessboard. This nootropic blend can deliver a competitive edge while helping you overcome the most challenging tasks. 


If you need fuel beyond your in-game HP, Faction Labs Attention Cheat Mode can revive and recharge you.