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Inspired Pumped AF

$69.95 $74.95

If you’re looking to reach new limits, train harder and fuel your body during a workout,  Inspired Nutraceuticals Pumped AF has got you covered with their stimulant-free pumped-based pre-workout!


  • Zero stimulants including Caffeine
  • Take any time of the day
  • Clinically-dosed ingredients
  • Available in 3 delicious flavours
  • Aids in the uptake of nutrients to muscles


Whether you’re stimulant-sensitive, don’t like caffeine or opt for an evening workout, Inspired Nutraceuticals Pumped AF stimulant-free pre-workout is calling your name! With a pump-based formula, Pumped AF is body-fuel-focused with ingredients like L-Taurine, Creatine Nitrate and Pine Bark Extract - helping you go the extra mile!

As an innovative market leader aims to assist in reducing muscle fatigue, maintaining muscle hydration and increasing focus during your workout. Not only is Pumped AF equipped to push your performance to new heights, but this premium formula can also be taken day or night!


Get the most out of your workouts with leading stimulant-free Inspired Nutraceuticals Pumped AF pre-workout - for both the serious gym-goer, fitness amateur, or somewhere in between!