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Heavyweight Mass Gainer


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If you’re struggling to put on the lean muscle mass you want to gain, chances are, you are turning to your diet. And for good reason. The biggest part of putting on lean muscle mass is eating enough calories to do it. While some people only need to bump their calories up by a couple hundred to start seeing great results, others need to do much more.

Their metabolic rate speeds right up as they increase calories and the end result is they can’t gain weight no matter how hard they try.

Enter Heavy Weight Mass Gainer by International Protein. This product is designed to fill the void of added calories that you so desperately need, without leaving you feeling bloated or stuffed.

When you use Heavy Weight Mass Gainer by International Protein, you’ll experience:
A complex carbohydrate source that releases slower in the body, minimising the risk of unwanted fat gains.

A special protein formula that gives you the best of all worlds – rapidly digesting protein coupled with slower releasing protein, ensuring you stay in an anabolic state at all times.

Better digestion with the help of digestion enzymes. With so many calories coming in at once, this is a must in any weight gainer product
Added medium chain triglycerides to help support healthy muscle growth while minimising fat gain ad inflammation.

Important BCAA’s to help promote faster recovery between workout sessions
Added omega-3 fatty acids to help keep insulin sensitivity up so you can build muscle, not fat while also improving performance in the gym thanks to superior muscle glycogen storage.

The great thing about this product is that it’ll help you get in a massive dose of calories without the unwanted side effects that often come with doing so. With this product, you can expect to see great lean mass gains in a minimal time period.

Each serving of Heavy Weight Mass Gainer by International Protein will provide:
A whopping 1050 calories – this is sure to make anyone grow
85 grams of high quality protein
5.8 grams of dietary fat, making this a very low fat product overall
160 grams of carbohydrates, with just 33.7 grams of sugar. This is far lower than many mass gain products on the market.

A digestive enzyme blend to ensure you can break down these calories optimally
If you want a mass gainer you can feel good about, Heavy Weight Mass Gainer by International Protein is the one for you.

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