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International Protein Superior Whey


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Superior Whey by International Protein is a powerful, advanced, novelty protein supplement formula that contains the three most widely acclaimed types of protein:

  • WPI (Whey Protein Isolate)
  • WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate)
  • Whey Peptide Blend

In addition to these ultra-quality protein types, Superior Whey is naturally high in BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), with added L-Glutamine, and is 100% FREE of Aspartame, stabilizers, and other unnecessary fillers. To this extent, Superior Whey by International Protein is one of the most revered dietary supplements on the market in regard to its quality, effectiveness, and transparency as well.


First off, Superior Whey protein can be taken at any time of a given day: whether it’s first thing in the morning, before your workout, after your workout, or before bed in the evening. For optimal results, however, it’s best to take this product after a demanding workout and enjoy all the benefits Superior Whey has to offer. This is important because of several reasons:

  • After a long and hard training session, your muscles experience micro-tears on a molecular level, and so your body needs additional nutrients and a sufficient period of time to repair these tears
  • Your body is most susceptible to growth AFTER a strenuous physical activity, such as pumping iron at the gym or cranking pull-ups at a bar-gladiators playground, which makes supplementation with quality protein an ideal choice at that exact time
  • Taking dietary protein supplementation after a workout can have the benefits of avoiding bloating or other stomach discomfort and improving your satiety levels as well

Of course, these rules are not set in stone, so feel free to try different approaches at your leisure, granted you’ve spoken to a dietary specialist beforehand. Bottom line, Superior Whey by International Protein can find its place in anyone’s diet, including professional athletes, bar gladiators, professional cyclists, sprinters, and more.


Whey Protein Concentrate

As most of us know, whey protein is the liquid part of milk that gets separated during the process of making cheese. WPC or Whey Protein Concentrate is the first iteration of this process and is one of the most widely used protein types among professional athletes all around the Globe.

Briefly, here are the key benefits of WPC:

  • WPC contains all essential amino acids – great for building lean muscle quickly and efficiently
  • Constant WPC supplementation helps to reduce the percentage of fat in the body, which consequently reduces the risks for more than a dozen of serious conditions later in life
  • WPC is very effective in protecting the body from lean muscle loss and creating a perfectly chiseled body
  • Whey Protein Concentrate has been shown to lower blood pressure as well

In addition to these benefits, WPC fares slightly better in regard to muscle growth when compared to other types of protein, such as soy or casein. In fact, WPC can also play a major role in boosting your immune system, which in turn reduces inflammation in the body. This is extremely beneficial for athletes affected by prolonged inflammation (muscle damage) that has the risk of turning into chronic inflammation. Regular WPC supplementation, along with a rich and diverse diet, can have a positive impact and can speed up your recovery by a significant margin.

Whey Protein Isolate

WPI is a very potent protein type that contains at least 90% of pure protein in its chemical structure. Plus, WPI is specifically derived to contain the least amounts (or none at all) of lactose and fat, which makes it the ideal protein choice for trainers who are lactose-intolerant or experience bloating and indigestion with dairy-based products. To add, WPI contains a higher concentration of protein than its younger cousin WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) and provides support for anyone looking to up their ante in regards to their bodybuilding game.

In addition, WPI can help both with weight gain and weight loss, and this depends entirely on how you take it, when you take it, and your main reasons for including Whey Protein Isolate in your diet. In brief, here are some of the benefits of this highly-effective compound:

  • WPI is a thorough protein source that contains fewer calories and fat in comparison to other protein types
  • WPI is very rich in protein and is proven to keep your stomach full for longer periods of time – and therefore keep your satiety levels at check
  • It also improves your metabolism and makes you burn potential stubborn fat faster than otherwise
  • Whey Protein Isolate contains both L-Leucine and Calcium – the ultimate combo to promote faster muscle growth and denser and stronger bones as well
  • Finally, WPI can single-handedly boost your performance during a workout by a giant scope

But WPI can help in a variety of other areas besides promoting strong body, solid muscles, and a great motivational boost. Whey Protein Isolate is also known to:

  • Lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body
  • Help in promoting healthy blood sugar levels
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce the risks of various cardiovascular ailments
  • Reduce the levels of acute stress you experience on a daily basis

In particular, WPI contains Cysteine – an amino acid that has been shown to protect your digestive tract. As a matter of fact, Cysteine is part of glutathione and is used by the body to produce biotin, heparin, coenzyme A, and Taurine as well. Plus, Cysteine is part of another compound called beta-keratin, which has been shown to preserve the lining found in the digestive tract.  

Whey Peptides

Whey Peptides are the result of a process called hydrolysis, which breaks protein down into smaller molecules that contain around 50 amino acids. This allows for Whey Peptides to be digested quickly and efficiently, a process that keeps the body in a constant anabolic state (state of continual muscle growth). Or in other words: you’re building muscles even while you’re sleeping! 

This makes Whey Peptides one of the most efficient protein types, and a great bang for the buck as well.


In short, yes. But make sure you consult with your healthcare professional if you are eligible to take this product on a daily basis. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

 *products may come with older-style packaging 

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