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Protein Water from International Protein seems to be a convenient and tasty option for those looking to replenish their protein levels after a workout or on the go. Here's a breakdown of some key points about this product:

  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI): The product contains 25g of whey protein isolate per bottle. Whey protein isolate is a high-quality protein source known for its quick absorption and rich amino acid profile, making it an excellent choice for post-workout recovery.

  • Low in Calories: With a calorie count below 150, these Protein Water bottles offer a low-calorie way to increase your protein intake. This can be beneficial for individuals who want to manage their calorie intake while still meeting their protein goals.

  • Low in Fat and Carbohydrates: Each bottle contains only 1g of fat and 5.5g of carbohydrates. This makes it a suitable option for those who are conscious of their fat and carb intake and prefer a leaner protein source.

  • Convenient On-the-Go Option: The convenience of a ready-to-drink (RTD) format makes Protein Water a handy choice for busy individuals. Whether you're post-workout, on a job site, or running errands, you can easily grab a bottle for a quick protein fix.

  • Variety of Flavors: It's mentioned that Protein Water comes in a range of fresh, fruity flavors. This variety can make it more enjoyable and appealing for consumers with different taste preferences.

  • 500ml Bottles: Each bottle contains 500ml of liquid, providing a substantial amount of hydration alongside your protein intake.

Overall, Protein Water from International Protein appears to be a convenient and versatile option for individuals looking to increase their protein intake without the heaviness of traditional protein powders.

However, as with any dietary product, it's essential to consider your specific nutritional needs and preferences before incorporating it into your routine.