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Looking for an effective and efficient way to support your health and functionality? Look no further than ATP Science’s cutting-edge formula, JOLT™. 


  • Contains 15g of specific hydrolyzed collagen peptides 
  • Fortibone™ - specific Collagen Peptides increase collagen components in bone
  • Tendoforte™ - specific Collagen Peptides increase collagen components in tendons/ligaments
  • Fortigel™ - specific Collagen Peptides increase collagen components of cartilage
  • Specific Hydrolysed collagen peptides may help the normal joint function
  • Specific Hydrolysed collagen peptides contribute to healthy joint cartilage production
  • Specific Hydrolysed collagen peptides help to maintain bones and joints


Did you know that 30% of your whole-body protein is collagen, 10% of skeletal muscle mass is made up of collagen, 30% of muscle power is generated by connective tissue, and is the main component of connective tissue?

What does this mean? Our body needs it to perform and function at its best. Collagen is a major essential component for the fascia coatings, bones, and joints, and for all of the long strips of tendons and ligaments attaching muscle to bone and bone to bone across the joints. Additionally, collagen is a structural protein and the main component of connective tissue.  

Containing 1 full 5g serve (15g in total) of Fortibone™, Tendoforte™, and Fortigel™, ATP Science’s revolutionary formula, JOLT™ harnesses the well-known benefits of specific hydrolyzed collagen peptides to bring you a powerful formula that contributes to healthy joint cartilage production, normal joint function, and the maintenance of bones and joints.


Look after your bones and joints long-term with ATP Science Jolt, a formula designed to support you from the inside out.