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If you’re serious about achieving mass gains, MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite has taken care of half the battle for you. Boasting quality protein, better calories and bigger results, could Mass-Tech Elite be just the mass gainer you’re looking for?

Rich in vital mass gaining ingredients and high in versatility, Mass-Tech contains a whopping 1,170 calories in each five-scoop serve when mixed with skim milk, consisting of high-quality protein sources, fast absorbing quality carbs and jam-packed with the healthy fats required to see results. Whether you’re stuck in a growth plateau or are simply looking for the right formula to take your gains to the next level, MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite supplies all the macronutrients and muscle building ingredients to pack on mass.

Key Features & Benefits:


  • Multi-phase protein system - Mass Tech Elite's 80g multi-phase protein system consists of a multi-speed protein blend that supplies amino acids at varying release times (fast, medium and slow digesting proteins) to give your body an extended supply of amino acids. Note: 80g of protein when mixed with skim milk.

  • Multi-phase Carb Complex - The multi-phase carb complex is aimed at putting the body into an anabolic state by spiking insulin (within a normal range), transporting creatine into the muscle quickly, and then promoting muscle glycogen replenishment.

  • Reduces muscle breakdown - The formula is rich in L-Leucine and BCAAs, which help to protect your muscles from breaking down, preserve muscle glycogen and fuel skeletal muscles.

  • Supports strength - Unlike most competitors which fail to include creatine in their formulas, Mass-Tech Elite contains 10g of creatine per serve. This helps to increase strength in an accelerated time, through regenerating ATP stores that are depleted during a workout. What does this mean for you? Creatine will help you work out harder, and for longer.

  • Clean calories & less fat - Containing less saturated fat than many other weight gainers on the market, Mass-Tech contains 5g of omega-rich fats that provide energy-dense calories.

  • Muscle growth & strength - When mixed with two cups of milk, Mass-Tech Elite contains a whopping 13g of BCAAs and 7g of L-leucine per serving, which helps stimulate maximum protein synthesis to assist with muscle and strength gain.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an effective solution for gaining substantial mass, MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite has got you covered.