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Muscle Nation Protein Pancakes Original

Original Flavor

If you’re a lover of pancakes and want the perfect, light, fluffy formula to kick-start your day, Muscle Nation have a treat for you with their Protein Pancakes.


  • 12g protein
  • Light & fluffy 
  • 98% sugar-free
  • Easy to make
  • 97% fat-free


Treat yourself to a classic breakfast while starting your day with a healthy dose of protein, thanks to Muscle Nation’s Protein Pancakes. This easy-to-make recipe can deliver a plate full of light, fluffy pancakes that can be completed with your favorite toppings to create a perfect morning meal. You can smell them already!

Forget what you’ve heard about pancakes being unhealthy - Muscle Nation has delivered the goods. These pancakes are 98% sugar-free and 97% fat-free, making them the perfect guilt-free meal to kickstart your day (you can also enjoy them as a midday or late-night snack!). With 2.4g of fiber and 12g of protein, you can’t say no to these protein pancakes.


Enjoy the delicious, feel-good experience of pancakes thanks to Muscle Nation Protein Pancakes, and know that you’re getting the best start to your day.