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MuscleTech Cell Tech Creactor is an unflavoured creatine formula that can help you amplify your muscle strength, increase your muscle volume and enhance the quality of your recovery. Whether you’re a novice or an athlete, creatine is one of the most reliable supplements on the market, and this formula hits the mark.


  • Promotes muscle volumisation & strength
  • Supports recovery
  • 750mg creatine HCL & 750mg free-acid creatine
  • Contains muscle-fueling amino acids
  • Flavorlessv for stacking

With science-backed ingredients in the 1:1 ratio of creatine HCL and free-acid creatine, this creatine blend can optimize how you train.

This versatile formula contains a combination of creatine HCL to support ATP production and optimize recovery and free-acid creatine to improve endurance and energy during high-intensity training. Cell Tech Creator contains no under-dosed key ingredients, fillers or sugars in the formula and is designed to deliver maximum results.