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Nexus AMP3D


If you’re after a non-stimulant pre-workout and pump formula that can maximise your performance in the gym, look no further than AMP3D.


  • Can increase essential nutrient delivery 
  • May enhance pumps
  • May increase strength
  • Can maximise muscle energy output
  • Can help transport water to muscles  


Minimise fatigue and optimise your focus and concentration with this potent pump formula that is designed to maximise vasodilation and nutrient delivery.

Created with a blend of L-Citrulline, Taurine, GlycerSize and Beta Alanine, AMP3D comes in two delicious flavours that can enhance your pumps, increase your strength and help your body transport water to your muscles.


Are you tired of your stimulant pre-workout or maybe want to switch things up? AMP3D can offer outstanding results without the jittery feeling that can come with stimulants.