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Switch to plant protein with PLNT Plant Protein, a fine, delicious, and nutritious formula that is packed with protein and easy to digest.

If Whey doesn’t agree with your gut, Phyba PLNT Protein is your solution. Built with an innovative, custom Gut Matrix™, this postbiotic paragon is Australian-made to support healthy digestion and utilization of nutrients. With 22g of organic pea protein per serving, this fine-ground powder is blended with watermelon seed protein, sunflower seed protein, and pumpkin seed protein to create a delicious protein profile.


  • 22g protein per serve
  • Contains an amino complex containing all essential amino acids
  • Fine powder to reduce grittiness 
  • Contains custom Gut Matrix™
  • Vegan-friendly formula

More than just your standard plant protein, this vegan-friendly formula contains an amino acid profile including all essential amino acids; these have been naturally derived from a blend of legumes and seeds. Low on calories and macro-friendly, PNLT Protein comes in a range of delicious flavors that can support your muscle and strength goals while revamping your recovery.

How To Use 

Take 1 serve post training with 200ml - 300ml of cold water. For enhanced recovery take an additional serving between meals.