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Power Plant Protein


Fuel your body with a smooth, delicious protein that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your dietary requirements with Power Plant Protein.


  • Vegan-friendly formula 
  • Supports muscle growth and repair
  • Zero fillers, additives & preservatives
  • Fast-absorbing formula 
  • Naturally flavored


On the market for a plant-based protein that doesn’t sacrifice taste? Power Plant Protein is a smooth, delicious formula that is easy to mix and naturally flavored. This vegan-friendly protein is free from GMOs and nasty fillers.

Loaded with the best raw, sprouted, and fermented proteins on the market, this formula offers an optimal muscle repairing and building ratio of amino acids to support your recovery after training. This fast-absorbing blend supports muscle growth and repair while supporting your overall health and well-being.


If you’re looking for a smooth, delicious, and powerful vegan blend to support you after training, you really can’t ignore Power Plant Protein.