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Protein Yoghurt


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International Protein’s brand new  High Protein Yoghurt provides a guilt free dessert or post workout treat that delivers 20 grams of protein per serve and 20 serves per container. It comes in three fabulous flavors, one of which contains real fruit and they’re all completely free of artificial flavorings, colors and preservatives. 

Yoghurt makes a near ideal snack, being packed with protein for muscle synthesis, probiotics for gut health, calcium for bone health and fiber for digestion. The problem with most yoghurts is that they are loaded with sugar, artificial flavorings and coloring. 

With the release of International Protein’s brand new Protein Yoghurt, they have now closed a gap in the market to provide those who care about their body with a completely natural, low sugar, high protein yoghurt. What’s more they’ve managed to pull off the seemingly impossible  . . .

We’ve created a healthy, low sugar yoghurt that tastes amazing!

- Protein 20g per serve 

- Sweetener Free

- Gluten Free

- Soy Protein Free 

- 20 Serves 

- Real Greek Yoghurt 


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