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Psyched 3.1


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Ready to make every workout count? Turn up the intensity of your performance with Gen-Tec’s power-packed pre-workout, Psyched 3.0!


  • May enhance performance
  • May increase lean muscle growth and strength 
  • May enhance focus and energy
  • May boost muscle pumps 


When it comes to performing your best in the gym, requires the perfect balance of drive, energy, focus, and strength. With the help of Gen-Tec’s powerful pre-workout formula, Psyched 3.0, you can expect the ultimate energy, muscle pump, focus, and mood-supporting formula to help you make every workout count!

What makes this formula such a game-changer? Gen-Tec Psyched 3.0 contains a synergistic blend of ingredients to support focus, energy levels, muscle pump, and strength.  To enhance focus and energy levels, Caffeine Anhydrous, Theobromine, and Dynamite have been added to the formula to deliver a fast and moderate supply of energy to give you the drive required to train harder and for longer.

Additionally, Theobromine is also suggested to help improve your mood and widen blood vessels to improve nutrient delivery, while Dynamine is a natural stimulant that boosts focus without the jittery sensation or crash known to caffeine. 

To support dopamine production, performance, and cognitive function, Tyrosine has been added to the formula. To further boost energy, physical performance, and strength, the world’s premium quality creatine monohydrate, Creapure, has been added to the mix and to boost muscle pumps, Citrulline Malate has been included.

Finally, to deliver a pre-workout in a league above the rest, Psyched 3.0 contains Magnesium and B Vitamins to nourish your muscles, reduce muscle fatigue, boost energy, and support your central nervous system to help you get the most out of every training session. 


Whether you’re struggling to get the most out of your training or simply need help boosting your energy, power, and performance,

Gen-Tec’s power-packed pre-workout, Psyched 3.0 may be just what you need. Just as the name suggests, this powerful and equally delicious formula will help you get pumped for your next workout!