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Red Dragon Fireball Black


Hit the ground running with Fireball Black, Red Dragon’s high-stim, focus-boosting thermogenic designed to boost your results every time you train.


  • Supports function and focus 
  • Energy without the crash
  • Supports your body goals
  • Promotes enhanced performance
  • High-stim formula


Fireball Black is a highly potent thermogenic formula that supports your body goals while supplying next-level energy to fuel you through each training session. This pre-workout provides energy without the crash while aiding the optimization of your alertness and cognitive function.

Ingredients like Carnitine are included to help transport and free up fatty acids to be burned as fuel, maintaining muscle tissue and improving the effectiveness of fat metabolization. Natural caffeine is incorporated to provide energy, while Caffeine from Green Tea Extract helps to lessen any jitters or nervous effects when paired with L-Theanine.


If you’re struggling for energy and need a helping hand to bring your body goals to fruition, Red Dragon Fireball Black can bring the heat.