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Red Dragon Hibernate


Hibernate like a dragon and get a healthy night's sleep with the help of Red Dragon Hibernate.


  • Promotes deep sleep
  • May reduce stress and enhance recovery
  • Contains ashwagandha 
  • No artificial flavors


Whether you work late at night, can’t turn off your phone before bed, or find your mind racing with thoughts every time you try to shut your eyes, you might benefit from some assistance. Red Dragon Hibernate can help you fall asleep faster and experience deeper and healthier sleep.

This formula contains ashwagandha to promote stress reduction and incite calmness and magnesium glycinate to support sleep, relaxation, and muscle recovery. Relora has been shown to support sleep quality and tranquillity, and this formula contains no artificial flavors.


Say goodbye to those late, restless nights and get a deep, healthy sleep with the support of Red Dragon Hibernate.


Mix one full scoop in 200ml of water approximately 30 minutes before sleep.