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Ryse Blackout Pre-Workout


Fuel your next workout with our cutting-edge Ryse Blackout Pre-Workout! This blend of patented ingredients aims to maximise your performance, increase focus and boost energy levels.


  • Patented NO3-T ® Nitrate Blend
  • 398mg of Caffeine per serving
  • 200g Theobromine per serving
  • Available in three mouth-watering flavours
  • High-stimulant and pump-based blend


Whether you’re wanting the most out of your workouts or are a hardcore athlete, Ryse Blackout Pre-Workout is equipped with a supercharged and high-stimulant blend of premium ingredients (like no other) that will meet your performance goals. Blackout features a patented blend of pump-based ingredients including Beta Alanine, VitaCholine, Betaine Anhydrous, Theobromine and more, that serve to enhance energy, pump, strength and focus.

Ryse’s approach to formulating Blackout is uniquely transparent, tested and evidence-based. There’s no cutting corners, with transparent labels and ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s safe to say that with Blackout you’ll get the most out of your workout, every time. 


Leading the way in the pre-workout market, look no further than Ryse Blackout Pre-Workout! Boasting a cutting-edge and patented blend of pump-based ingredients, Ryse is raising the bar in performance space.