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Super Greens


Struggling to get your much-needed daily dose of greens? PranaOn’s powerhouse natural supplement is the perfect choice for getting the goodness your body needs in one delicious hit. Introducing: Super Greens!


  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Contains digestive enzymes and organic ingredients
  • Contains a superfood blend
  • May enhance energy levels
  • May support general health and wellbeing
  • The perfect way to get your daily dose of greens
  • May help to cleanse, alkalize and detoxify your body


Whether you’re an elite athlete wanting to get more out of your performance or a health-conscious person simply looking to enhance your inner health, it’s no secret that we can’t look or perform our best if our body isn’t fuelled with the goodness it needs for optimal functionality.

Containing a nutritious superfood blend consisting of seven potent sprouts, grasses and algae, antioxidant-rich spirulina and chlorella, and cutting-edge digestive enzymes, PranaOn Super Greens has been carefully designed to help support general health, well-being, and gut health, and to cleanse, alkalize and detoxify the body. This tasty, potent, and convenient formula is the perfect way to get more out of your day-to-day health, without needing to eat bucketloads of fruit and vegetables!

Believe it or not, the benefits don’t stop there. PranaOn’s nutrient-dense and fast-absorbing formula is extremely rich in B vitamins to help boost your energy levels, high in Chlorophyll to help purify and alkalize your body, and loaded with Chlorella and Spirulina to help combat free radicals and heavy metals within the body.


If you’re looking for a delicious, highly-effective, and easy-to-consume formula that’ll help you glow from the inside out, PranaOn Super Greens has got you sorted. Loaded with superfoods, antioxidant-rich ingredients, gut-nourishing digestive enzymes, and more, PranaOn Super Greens is the perfect way to enhance your daily dose of greens, without having to compromise on taste!


Detoxify your insides with the ultimate energizing, cleansing, and nutrient-packed formula. Introducing: Prana Super Greens!