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Zombie Labs Cross Eyed


If a high stimulant pre-workout didn’t reanimate your corpse, it might be time to try an extreme stimulant formula with Zombie Labs Cross-Eyes Pre-Workout.


  • Contains 4 powerful energy blends
  • 400mg caffeine per serve
  • May support the growth of muscle fiber
  • Can provide laser-sharp focus 
  • May incite skin-tearing pumps 


Go, full zombie, when you train and hunt your goals with relentless energy from an inhuman formula that can cause eye-crossing, skin-stretching pumps. Zombie Labs Cross-Eyes Pre-Workout is packed with enough stimulants to bring you back from the dead while triggering hyperfocus and superhuman strength.

This formula contains a Skin-Splitting Zombie Blend, an Eye-Popping Energy Blend, a Hyper-Focus Nootropic Blend, and an Enhance & Amplify Blend that contains a precise blend of energy-boosting nutrients to revive your results and send them to the next level.


Don’t let your limitations prevent you from shattering your goals. Feel the results with Zombie Labs Cross-Eyes Pre-Workout.