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Zombie Labs Infected


Rise from the dead and re-animate your motivation with Zombie Labs Infected Pre-Workout, a high-stimulant formula designed to turn you into a super-human.


  • High-stimulant formula
  • 325mg caffeine per serve
  • Contains 4 powerful energy-enhancing blends
  • Can enhance pumps and boost performance


Perform like a zombie and never stop chasing your gym goals with this re-awakening, hyper-focusing, a superhuman formula that can enhance your blood flow and create skin-tearing pumps. Intensify your energy so that you never stop performing, and accentuate your strength so that your personal bests become warm-ups.

With a Skin-Splitting Zombie Blend, an Eye-Popping Energy Blend, a Hyper-Focus Nootropic Blend, and an Enhance & Amplify Blend, Zombie Labs Infected Pre-Workout contains a precise blend of energy-boosting nutrients that can infect you with results.


If you’re looking for a high-stimulant formula that can revive the trajectory of your results and push you to perform with the relentless desire of an undead warrior, Zombie Labs Infected Pre-Workout can push you beyond the grave.