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Zombie Labs Molotov


Feel the heat with Zombie Labs Molotov, and throw fire at your body goals with this scorching thermogenic.


  • Contains 3 powerful energy-boosting blends 
  • Contains nutrients to support thermogenesis
  • Contains nutrients to curb appetite
  • Can deliver deadeye focus


Strike down your body goals in a blaze of glory with Zombie Labs Molotov. This thermogenic fireball can deliver hyper-focus, incite appetite-curbing balance, expel flames of energy, and bring the heat every time you train.

Built with a High Energy Shred Blend, a Super Focus Nootropic Blend, and a Thermogenic Balance Blend, this thermo inferno can help you break down barriers, take a torch to your body goals and drive yourself forward with the ruthlessness of a zombie.


Throw a Molotov at your body goals with Zombie Labs Molotov, a fiery formula that can transform your performance and revive the way you attack your goals.